Busy Parent ReBuild

Hey Moms & Dads! Are You Tired of Feeling Tired? Worried

You'll Never Get the Ideal Physique and Constantly Feel Guilty When It Comes to Food or Exercise Plans?

I Have Good News for You!

Make sure to watch this video before booking your strategy session.


A proven, scientific

process to sustainable

weight loss through 

healthy habits and REAL work!

Inside my 16-week program lies a proven, science-based method combining cutting-edge nutrition and exercise systems while actually teaching you healthy habits and mindset development to get you real, long-lasting results. This is not filled with gimmicks or fad diets that lead to frustration. This is designed specifically to take your body, your mind and your life to the next level.

Coaching & Guidance

Why do my clients get such amazing results in such a short time? I solve the 2 most common struggles when it comes to getting in shape. STRATEGY (knowing what to do when it comes to nutrition/workouts) and ACCOUNTABILITY (actually doing the work) by taking care of it all for you. And teaching you everything I know.

Personalized Nutrition & Workouts

Based on your goals, struggles and body type, I provide you with a step-by-step blueprint that tells you exactly what to do, from the food you'll be eating to the workouts you'll be doing. I take the stress out of weight loss. All you do is just follow the plan and you'll get the results you want.

Fit Community

You'll also be invited to the #1 health and fitness community filled with others who are currently on the same mission as you. It’s an online place where we share good vibes, motivation, results, live trainings, and so much more. It's one more layer of accountability and support.

All The Tools You Need

I equip my students with everything they need so life actually becomes easier and simpler than before. My goal is to take the stress, confusion and guesswork out of losing weight and teach you everything I know so when your 16-week transformation ends, you never need a coach, trainer or program ever again. And you have the body you've always desired.


I’ve been a Health & Fitness coach for over a decade. Having accrued a wealth of...

◼︎ Knowledge

◼︎ Hands-on experience working with clients

◼︎ Decades of trial & error learning of my own

... I also know what it’s like trying to balance family, work, relationships, housework, grocery shopping...

We’re busier than ever and everything feels like it needs to be done yesterday.

With each passing day, we make time to fit it all in by putting our physical and mental health on the back burner.

At first, no one notices...

Not even you.

But over time, the stress builds, happiness falters and you start to wonder if there’s a better way. There has to be... Right?

The answer you’ve been searching for DOES exist. I teach parents to balance me time, family time, career and everything else life throws at us so we can transform into the happiest, healthiest and most impactful versions of us.

I teach parents how to build a foundation of HAPPY HABITS, which will create long-term health & overall quality of life.

Say good-bye to yo-yo diets and hello to those favorite jeans you’ve been hanging onto, just in case!

Talk soon,




Disclaimer: This is not your typical fad diet


This is a complete 1-to-1 coaching program designed for people looking for real, long-lasting results. If you're looking for cheap diet plans or pills to lose weight in 3 days only to gain it back, you're on the wrong site. 


Here's what you'll experience

inside the Busy Parent ReBuild:

For 4 months, I'll walk you through your journey to FAT LOSS, HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND IMPACT by solving your 2 biggest obstacles, STRATEGY (knowing what to do) and ACCOUNTABILITY (actually putting in the work). I do this by creating a step-by-step blueprint unique to your body, health goals, lifestyle, and schedule. All you do is follow the blueprint; I take care of everything else. From there, I combine the blueprint with world-class support. You'll get UNLIMITED 1-to-1 coaching support (via phone calls, FaceTimes, text messages), weekly coaching calls, smartphone app access, membership site access, and much more to keep you motivated and held accountable so you actually stick to your new lifestyle. And in 4 months, you'll be the best version of yourself, mentally and physically. 100% GUARANTEED.


We'll figure out your goals & current fitness status, habits and level of experience together, and then we'll map out a plan of attack based on your personal life and needs. 


Download my app & access

your step-by-step blueprint. We'll have your first coaching call here to go over your blueprint and get you ready for your first week.


Your first weeks are all about getting used to your new healthy active lifestyle and everything that comes along with it. The first week is often the hardest, but I'll be with you every step of the way!


A few weeks into the program, you'll see your body change and progress being made. My job at this point is to keep you motivated and accountable so you don't get off-track or slow down the progress!


...From hopeless &

stuck, to the best

version of you"

In Only 16 Weeks!


 Your Transformation Program Is Designed To Be With You. Anytime. Anywhere.

My apps allow me to coach you wherever you are, regardless of the state or even the country. My team has designed tools that will help you achieve your goals.


Track your progress every step of the way with my customizable tools. Get a full picture of completed workouts, weight..


Inside the app, you'll find your personalized meal plans & workouts completely tailored to your body, lifestyle and goals, telling you exactly how to eat and work out. It's so detailed that you'll know what specific foods to eat, what to avoid, what exercises to do, the reps, sets, rest, and more. All the guesswork will be taken out for you and you'll never have to worry about what to do ever again.


You'll find detailed instructions and videos on how to perform each movement with the right recommendations for your fitness level. Whether you're a beginner or experienced pro, you'll never have to wonder if you're doing things correctly.


I understand what it's like to be in your situation with health and fitness, mainly because I was in your shoes at one point, too. That's why I give you full access to me so you can reach me at anytime (my personal phone number) and have the accountability and support you need to see this through til the end. Weekly coaching calls are also included as well.


You can be assured I'll answer any question you may have and be there to guide you & motivate you when you feel stuck. The Busy Parent ReBuild Facebook Community, mobile apps & myself will always be there for you. Anytime. Anywhere. 24/7.

You were put on this earth to make a positive impact in your community and with your loved ones. When you take time to improve your health, not only will you be happier, but you'll be 10x more impactful. The life you dream of starts with you taking care of you!

Fit, strong and confident! When you walk into the room, turn heads with your transformation and brimming confidence. No more skipping social events or not going to the beach because you don't want to be seen in a bathing suit.

You have dreams buried deep down inside, and over the past years this little person in your head keeps telling you, "you can't." "You can't take that trip, you can't ask that guy out, you can't get that new job..." It is time to bury the "you can't" and start truly living the life you dreamt of as a child. 

"We all have a journey that is unique to us but we share one thing in common. We all deserve to live a healthy, happy and impactful life" 


Inspiring words from motivated people who took control of their journey.

Lauren's transformation from start to finish. Down from 182lbs to 158lbs.

"I play with my kids a lot more, I sleep better, I just overall feel better, and I'm much more mindful about what I'm doing and why.” - Amy

Maureen D

"One of the best decisions I made. When I was suffering with postpartum depression, I kept hearing 'you can't pour from an empty cup' but I wasn't listening. Thanks to the guided and personalized workouts I can keep 'filling my cup' and I'm more present, more patient, and overall happier when I'm with my little guy.

Hubby and I have also found new ways of connecting because now we are both trying to eat and be healthy. I'm so happy I took this step for ME."

Jessica B

“I started this journey so I could be healthier for my kids and feel better about myself. 5 weeks in and I’m down 14 pounds. Erik is helping me with learning better eating habits and it’s working without starving myself or doing any crash or fad diets! I’m still eating the foods that I like and my workouts aren’t overwhelming. This is an amazing program that I will recommend to anyone who asks about it. It works! I’m making great progress, even with my busy schedule and it doesn’t put a huge restriction on my day to day life.”

Sara has been in the program less then 60 days and already reached her 16-week goal.

Kelly already seeing her hard work pay off!

Amy C

"The BEST I've looked and felt in longer than I'd like to talk about!"

Ashley C

"“Haven't Been Stressed Out.

Haven't Measured One Thing.""

Madi Sieben
I could not be more blessed with this high-energy, fun-loving, supportive community I found about half a year ago! I am a changed person! It has made me more confident in myself, it has made me patient, it has made me a faster runner, it has made me a more accurate bow hunter, it has toned me up for my wedding in 2 weeks...the list is endless! I am happy I started and I am excited to continue this journey with these people! Highly recommended for people of all ages and activity levels!
Kelly Hansen
I just completed my first challenge! I am thrilled with the results and I can't believe that it's over already. I remember the first day being anxious about starting something new, but in the back of my mind I knew I had to do something. I am a mother of two young boys and I wanted to not only lose the baby weight, but get in shape to keep up with our active lifestyle. The coaches were motivating, and the atmosphere was welcoming. I learned valuable healthy habits and new ways to think about how I make and prepare meals for myself and my family. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for the motivation to do something worthwhile for themselves.



are currently


When it comes to my clients, I like to over-deliver with more than just workout routines. I think anybody can do that. But what separates me from the rest is the community that I've cultivated, the attention to detail for the blueprints and the accountability/support I provide...

  • My 4-Month Transformation Program: Step-by-step blueprint to get to your best shape ever.
  • Custom-Tailored Meal Plan: ​Know exactly how to eat in a way that best suits your body, goals and lifestyle. Easy to stick to, family friendly and out-to-eat friendly.
  • Custom-Tailored Workout Plan: Know exactly what to do for workouts based off how many days per week you can do, ability level, fitness goals etc. Never do the same workout twice.
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Coach Support: You'll be able to message me at anytime (through app or personal phone number) for anything you need. Whether it's a question about a meal or you need motivation, I got your back and will be with you every step of the way
  • 1-1 Weekly Coaching Calls: Each week we will have a 1-1 call to recapping the past seven days, seeing what improvements and adjustments need to be made, getting you in the right mindset for the coming week and teaching you about health and fitness.
  • Access To Custom Apps: Have your blueprint and every other tool I give you all at your fingertips so that makes getting in shape fun, easy and stress-free. Gone are the days of emails and PDFs.
  • Inner Circle Group: Gain access to the #1 health and fitness community. Be surrounded by like-minded people on the same mission. Get constant motivation, #whiteboard health and fitness lessons, ask any questions, make new friends. You'll never be alone again.
  • And So Much More: Gain access to more tools to take your life to the next level, including grocery food lists, cardio routines, in-depth articles (health and fitness-related topics), mindset trainings, and much more.

Join our



Follow these steps.

Before we do anything else, I'd like to know your current situation and goals, and make sure we're a good fit to work together. In order to do that, fill out the application below and let's have a free Strategy Session to see if we're a great fit for each other.

STEP 1: 


Click the buttons on this page & fill out a form so I can get to know you and determine if we're a good fit.

STEP 2:  


Pick a date & time to get your free strategy session where we'll discuss your goals and how we can get you there.

STEP 3:  


We'll then give you access to our App so you can access your custom-tailored blueprint and start seeing results this week!

Here's what's

going to happen next...

Once you fill out our form, we'll have a conversation over the phone to talk about your goals & whether you're a good fit. I will then create your individualized transformation program. You can start your 4-month program whenever you feel ready.

Have questions? Read our FAQs

"Your body is a reflection of your life...

If you want your life to get better, you have to get better."

 What if I start and get stuck?

Because of how much support and accountability I give you, that rarely happens.. but if it does you can always message me on the mobile app or do a

coaching call and I will get you unstuck and back on track.

 What if I'm a picky eater?

Your meal plan will contain a very easy system that allows you to be in control of the foods you want. You choose what foods to eat and you still have the freedom to go out to restaurants and eat as well. Very simple and easy to implement!

 How many days per week do I have to commit to the gym?

ZERO. This program can be done entirely at home. It can also be done in the gym. It's totally custom and depends on what works best for YOU!

 Is a gym membership required?

No, but I’m a firm believer in “there's only so much you can do with body weight and 2 pounds dumbbells. After about a month of bodyweight training you'll want to get some equipment for home

 Do I need to take supplements?

No you do not. I will send a supplement guide suggest a few of the basics that I would recommend, but they are not required.

 How long is the program?

The program is 16 weeks (4 months) long. This gives me enough time to teach you everything I know and you enough time to actually change your body and achieve the results you want.

 What if I have an injury?

Each fitness program is uniquely designed for each client. We will work around your injuries and or limitations to get you on the road to process!

 I have tried other programs and failed why is this different?

Typical programs are templated and simply try to fit you into that template. Our program is 100% personalized to you and your goals making it feel as if nothing has changed. If you don't like a specific food, we work around it. If you can't run, we work around that. Our mission is to create a program that keeps you interested and happy throughout thus making result inevitable.

 How is this different than a personal trainer?

They only get paid if you show up for your 1-1 session. Their goal is to keep you coming back forever. Often they only offer you support during your one-hour coaching session. My goal is to work myself out of a job by giving you the skills and tools so you are never dependent on anyone for your health and happiness.

What are you

waiting for?

Get your free strategy session & start losing pounds this week. 

Applications won't be open for long. Don't miss out on this.

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